Tuesday, February 23, 2010

40 days of water

I grew up in church.  A Baptist church.  Lent was never talked about, from what I can remember.  That said, I've never participated in Lent. 

I've been wanting to get involved in something, felt a tugging.

I usually ignore that tugging.  Mainly because I don't know how to get involved.

Until recently.

I saw a twitter/blog friend Alyson Costner talk about the Blood Water Mission's 40 days of water.  Basically you give up drinking your latte's, soda's, teas, any beverage.  You drink only tap water for 40 days.  You take the money that you would spend on the beverages and keep track of it.  At the end of the 40 days you donate that money to the Blood Water Mission to help get clean water for Africa. 

This appealed to me for 2 reasons. 
1.  I don't drink enough water and am addicted to caffeine. 
2.  It's so easy to take water for granted.  We have such easy access to clean, drinkable water.
We don't have to walk for miles to get water that is filled with bacteria that will make us sick.

I challenged myself to this.  Thank you Alyson for clarifying some of the questions I had. 

I am still in the first week of this and I'm not going to lie, IT'S HARD!  Especially when you are at someone's house and they offer you a drink or when you take a drive somewhere and you're tired.  I so wanted to stop for some coffee on my way back from my friend Christy's house.  It was hard to resist. 

Now I have found one thing that helps a little.  CHOCOLATE COVERED ESPRESSO BEANS.  I eat a few upon waking.  The first couple of days I had major headache and was cranky.  I am so over that now and keep telling myself that this is going to help others. 

I'm not sure that I understand Lent really but I think this is a start.


  1. way to go... we drink tap water about 95% of the time.. always when we are out and and about.. it took a long time to get in the habit of ordering water and not soda with meals when we went out.. and I still drool as I go past some coffee shops... but I KNOW it is better for us.. I think the 40 days is a great thing.. not only helps others but it will help you too... there is a lot more good energy in water than in caffeine :)

  2. Keep up the good work! I think it will only get easier as the 40 days go by. :)

  3. I think this is such a brilliant thing to do!!! :) Very proud of you, you can do it! x


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