Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From 201 to 202 baby!

Ok this is not a post about Mackenzie but about nursing school. This was one of the toughest quarters I've gone through. I wasn't passing the ENTIRE quarter, until the final. I squeaked by and am going on to the next quarter! OH YEAH. Me and my girls will be there with bells on. Two more quarters to go and we will be nurses. LOOK OUT. Here are me and my girls at the candle lighting ceremony for our friends that graduated this quarter. We are so very proud of them and look up to them. They rock and therefore we shall follow in their footsteps and rock it just as hard. To my girls Dena and Whitney, you are amazing and I am so happy that we are on this journey together. I need you to keep my sanity and to remind me to take my vitamin D. I love you girls.

Friday, March 13, 2009

10 years ago next Friday....

.....Matt and I were married. I can't believe it's been 10 years! He is the most amazing man I know and I can't imagine my life without him. I love the life we have created together.

I need your help though! Our budget is super tight right now since we are buying a new home. I need some ideas from you on something very thoughtful and sweet to do for him that won't cost much. I'm not that creative! Help me! Email me your ideas!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tr-tr-tr TRUCK

She really is trying to say "truck" I promise! I hope it doesn't offend anyone!

She has her sock on her hand. A habit of hers when she's in the car is taking off her shoes and socks, then putting the sock on her hand like a puppet.

Potty time! Excellent!

Mackenzie decided to go pee pee on the potty chair all by herself! Usually she will undress herself, sit on the potty chair and then run off and around the house in her birthday suit. This time, I let her be. She came into the kitchen asking "was dat?" She literally pulled me over to her potty chair and there was pee in it!! I was so proud of her! Now, do you think she even wants to think about sitting on that potty chair anymore? Nope! It was a nice surprise though! This week she got advanced to the next age group at daycare. They work with the kids and potty train! Hallelujah! Apparently when they sat Kenz on the toilet she freaked out. In time, in time. She's not 2 just yet.