Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chasing my dreams

Wow, it's been almost a month since I last posted. Time got away from me again. I've been so busy! Not just with work either. If we are friends on facebook then I know you know that I LOVE to bake and I've been doing a lot of that. I have had a lot of friends suggest selling my goods and have had friends place orders. Baking is a passion of mine. Don't get me wrong, I love my job as a nurse and that is a passion too. There is just something about baking that gives me peace and lifts my spirits. I love experimenting with different flavor variations and making them all cute. And lets not forget the look on someones face when they see an irresistible cupcake. You seriously have no idea how much joy I get out of making delicious goods. I know, cupcakes are popping up everywhere. I can honestly say that I have loved making them for a long time. But I don't just do cupcakes. I do cookies, truffles and other various things. I have planned for a long time to eventually open up a bakery. I recently started to put that dream into reality. My plan is to first sell a local farmers markets. For me to be comfortable with that I want to actually have a business name and such. Alas, Lucky Star Delectables has been born. I will be doing this on the side of my day job. You can find me at for the latest news. I will be sharing pictures and ideas there. I will eventually be taking orders once I get boxes and coming up with a good shipping method. I plan to do a vendor party with a friend of mine also. I am very excited for this new chapter in my life. Even if it doesn't work out I will still be happy that I attempted it. What do I have to lose?