Monday, March 26, 2007

First run to the hospital but no baby

Well I just got back from being monitored at the birth center.
At about 10 this morning I started feeling like I was going to start
af and was having a lot of lower back pressure. Then at between 11am-12pm
I was having contractions every 15minutes. This continued through
lunch and I thought maybe I should call my ob (who by the way I saw at
7:30 this morning!). I had asked her this morning about her process
for internal exams and she told me she doesn't find it necessary to do
so unless I wa feeling like I was in labor or if my water breaks. She
didn't want to put her patients through that uncomfortable process.
Fair enough. So at 1:00 I decided to call her and let her know what
was going on. She had me come right over, did an internal exam which
I DO NOT LIKE! She said my cervix was soft, still long, and something
about her fingertip. It was then that she sent me to the birth center
for monitoring. I was def having some pretty big contractions every
11-15 minutes. I got there and all hooked up by about 2pm and was
monitored until 4. Hubby got there just 30min later. He left work
when I told him what was going on, even though I knew I would be sent
home. The nurse had me leave a urine sample at about 3:30 and
immediately said it was way too concentrated and I was dehydrated
which was more likely the reason I was contracting. I downed some
water and the contractions started spacing out. She did check my
cervix which hadn't changed since my doc checked it. She said it was
extremely soft and I could go any time but they'd like me to wait at
least until the end of the week so I could be considered full term. I
just got home, I have my feet up and I keep having to pee from all the
water! I am generally really good about keeping hydrated but for some
reason today I wasn't very thirsty. No infections and group b strep
was negative. The nurse said she has a feeling they'd be seeing me
again real soon. I see my doc again on Monday, my last day of work is
Thursday. That was planned already though. I've been advised to stay
home tomorrow but we'll see. I work a block away from my doc office
and 2-3 blocks away from the hospital. I live 25 min away from both.
I guess I should finish packing my bag and put the car seat in the
car huh!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Pictures from my sister's visit

Erica & I in LaConner

Cora & I in LaConner

Just the girls

First baby shower down!

Me at 33 weeks

Jessica, Me, Cassy

So the first baby shower was a success, thanks to two of the greatest gals (and fellow preggos) Jessica & Cassy. I had come down with a cold but I didn't care because my sister and neice were in town all the way from Virginia. I LOVED having them here and it meant the world to me for them to be with me at my first baby shower. The visit was too short! The food at the shower was excellent also.