Saturday, July 26, 2008

When will it end?

I had to rush Mackenzie to the doctors last night as her right her had a bunch of blood in it. The nurse practitioner looked in her ear and mentioned that "that's quite a bit of blood." He looked in her left ear which was fine before we got there but the moment he took out the otoscope that one started pouring blood too. She has perforated both ear drums. I asked what on earth caused that. She wasn't acting like she was in any pain at all. He said probably an ear infection, AGAIN! We just finished antibiotics last week for her left ear that was infected. I am so unbelievable frustrated by all of the infections. So, we are giving her antibiotic ear drops, which she hates and we have to hold her down to give them to her. And we have to keep her on her side for about 30 seconds too for each ear. I feel so bad for her. I mean, she is obviously not in any pain but come on!!!! This makes 5 or 6 this year so far. I just want it to stop.


  1. I am so sorry! I will be praying for her (and you!). I had about that many ear infections as a baby - so don't worry too much - it might just be because she's more prone to get them at this age. I pray they stop. Sending love your way...

  2. Poor little girl! I will be praying for her and you! HUGZ and kisses your way!!



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