Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vegetable Woes

So most of you know that Mackenzie will not touch a vegetable, mostly green ones. Not even green beans. When she was eating jarred food she would eat carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, but nothing green. I think she tried some pureed broccoli once and liked it but then would never eat it. Oh she does like corn too. So when she stopped eating jarred stuff she started refusing ALL vegetables except corn. She won't touch vegetables. Her little "graduate" meals that have veggies on the side I've tried mixing with the chicken and gravy type stuff and she still won't eat them. She spits them out or actually just throws them on the floor before trying them. Hmmm I wonder where she gets that from. I have no clue how to get her to eat her veggies!!! I'm starting to go crazy! Well tonight things have changed a little bit. She now has her first set of molars so she can chew more easily. Matt gave her a spear of pickled asparagus tonight. PICKLED ASPARAGUS PEOPLE! She ate at least 4 of them and wanted more! SERIOUSLY! If only I knew where my camera was I could have gotten pictures of this.

Hmm what else is she doing these days? Well, she is doing more signing! She does signs for please and bird now! When we are outside I'll ask if she hears or sees the bird and she'll start doing the sign for bird. It's so cute. She doesn't do it perfectly but that is ok. In with the please sign and out with the more sign though. It used to be that she would do the more sign when she wanted more or if we asked if she wanted more. Then we taught her please and she did both more and please together once or twice. Now she just does please. We are working on that. She says MAMA now and knows that it's me. She also says "nigh nigh" when she is going to bed. Just this week when we ask her to she points to her eye and says "eye", nose "no", and also points to her ear and mouth but can't say them just yet. She is learning so much so fast! She is all recovered from the hand, foot, and mouth disease! We go back to the doctor on Monday for an ear check to make sure the infection is going away. She has had so many ear infections this year, I think like 4 or 5 just since January. We may need to have tubes put in. One thing I have noticed though is that she gets ear infections when she is teething. Right now, all 4 of her pointy (I think they are called the "eye" teeth or something) are trying to come in. You can see them right under the gums.

We have really been enjoying the summer weather. Mackenzie can not get enough of outside time. Oh yeah, that is another thing she is doing now. She will run up to the door and say "ow sigh" which translated means "outside." We filled up her little pool on Saturday and Matt got in there with her it was cute. She loves going on walks too. That is starting to turn into a weekend thing for the mornings.

A few pictures for your enjoyment...

Kenz and her new babydoll/stroller combo. I was wondering what kind of mom she will be as she puts the baby in upside down. Just terrible! :)

Ready for our walk to the park! She actually left the sunglasses on for a little bit.

We walked to the little park/beach by our house. Mackenzie loved walking in the sand, and running toward the water of course.

Watching a "bo" (boat in Kenz language) go by

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  1. GREAT update! I know it's silly but I had tears in my eyes as I read this update. Tears of joy of course -- I am so sappy! Everytime I hear what Mackenzie is doing it's like looking into the future our our lil girl! :-) That is too funny abou the pickled asparagas! LOVE the pictures! She is so CUTE!!!
    Luv ya



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