Monday, July 7, 2008

Maemaw and Grandaddy's visit, 4th of July, and more

Well Mackenzie got to see her grandaddy(my dad) for the second time in a few months and this time maemaw (my mom) was with him! Mackenzie has been "talking" to maemaw on the phone a little bit and maemaw has a song she sings to her every time and maemaw sang it to her when they met and Mackenzie knew who she was! She went right to her. It was awesome!!!!! They were here for 2 days which included the 4th of July. We had such a nice time. My parents are just in love with Mackenzie and my dad won her heart by taking her outside. Mackenzie LOVES to be outside. We just hung around the house for the 4th, had some great coconut shrimp (good job Matt!), steak, and sweet potato fries. Papa (Matt's dad) came up too. We had also had some amazing margaritas that Matt's dad brought. The plan was to watch fireworks from Papa's deck but Mackenzie had other plans. She fell asleep before we left so we watched some through the trees while sitting on our porch. Mackenzie loved having her maemaw and grandaddy here and they couldn't get enough of her either. We dropped them back off on Saturday. Mackenzie started to come down with something that day too. As we left, I noticed she had some red spots in her mouth and on her feet. She didn't seem bothered by this at all. She was eating fine and acting like a normal 14 month old. That night she was up every hour crying. Then yesterday she developed some red spots on her face and around her mouth. The ones on her feet hadn't changed at all. She is also teething which means tons of DROOL. Her shirts are soaked in a matter of minutes. Yesterday she was quite fussy and not wanting to eat much. Again had a bad night and I had to camp out on the floor of her room since she was up so much. I think I got about 2 hours of solid sleep. She was also putting her finger in her left ear. She had more spots on her face today so I made a dr appointment and by the time we got there she had spots all over her legs and arms. Well she has hand, foot, and mouth disease and an infection in her left ear. Nothing can be done about the HFMD except let it run it's course and give tylenol for the pain of the sores. She keeps her mouth open as she has some red spots on her lips too so I think it hurts her to close her mouth. This also adding to the amount of drool. She has been started on an antibiotic for her ear and let's hope she gets some sleep tonight, and me too! Here are some pictures from my parents visit.

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  1. Priceless pictures!!! Sounds like an amazing visit! Poor lil Mackenzie! I'll be prayin she gets healthy QUICKLY!! You and Matt are in my prayers too hun!


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