Friday, March 19, 2010

Why I love the first day of spring

March 20, 1999

 11 years later I still love him more than ever.

Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful, loving, caring, funny, and handsome man I know.  I love you baby.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pictures! You two have a beautiful family! :-) Wish you many more years of fun and adventure together! May you love each other as God loves you!!


  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! Just saw your status on facebook - enjoy that rockband haha! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary you two! Have a fun night tonight!!

  4. What's he doing with his hand?!

    I think I can relate to your new job feelings! We're in what's called the "conscious incompetence" phase. Soon to be the "conscious competence" phase, followed by the "unconscious competence" phase, followed by a few beers and unconsciousness.


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