Friday, March 5, 2010

Great News

Some of you may not know this if you don't follow me on twitter or facebook but I am announcing it here too.

I am officially an employed RN! 

It is amazing how God works and there is no doubt in my mind that He had His hands in this. 

Before I had Mackenzie and started nursing school I had a job that I loved.  I was a surgery scheduler for a local orthopedic clinic that had their own ambulatory surgery center.  I had always said that someday I wanted to eventually end up there as a nurse.  I left that job right before Mackenzie was born because I knew I would be starting the nursing program a few months later.

Mackenzie was four months old when I began the nursing program.  People thought I was crazy for going through with the program.

Our nursing program was not in session during the summer and I was asked to come back to the clinic to help out for the summer.  I left again when school started back up.  The following summer I was asked back again.  So back I went.  While there I was talking with one of my co-workers about my last quarter that was coming up in the fall.  This is the quarter I got to do my preceptorship.  She asked why I couldn't do it there. 


It was arranged by them and my school for me to precept there.  I never thought that was possible.  If you remember, I was in their surgery center for this.  I got to do admitting, recovery, and circulating in the OR.  It was the best experience and I was so thankful that I was able to have the opportunity to precept their.  It reassured me that the OR was where I wanted to be. 

I was told that they would love to hire me, if there was a position, which there wasn't. 

Monday I went for an interview at a cardiology clinic located a few blocks from them.  It was the only interview out of all of the applications I'd been putting in.  And, I didn't apply for that one.  I was recommended for the job by one of my instructors! 

I stopped in the orthopedic clinic to say hello.  Here is where God stepped in.

I was told that their recovery nurse gave her notice THAT DAY.

The surgery manager was out of the office so I left my resume for her and went to my interview at the cardiology clinic.

15 minutes later I have a text message from the manager asking me to call her about working there.


I called her as I was leaving the interview.  She asked that I come by the clinic.  She had to figure some things out to make it work since I'm a new grad.  We both wanted to make sure that I would have full support for a while.  New grads are not typically hired in a recovery room.

Three days later I started my new position as a Post Anesthesia Care Unit Registered Nurse in the surgery center that I dreamed of working in.

And that folks is just how awesome God is.


  1. God is so awesome! It's great to see His plans for our lives unfold before our eyes! Congratulations on this amazing job. :-)

  2. What an amazing testimony for God's Grace. I am so happy you are depending of God for everything. I know you are by the way you speak all the time. You are a wonderful and caring person. Mackenzie and Matt are lucky to have you and you are lucky to have them and God. I love you Eva and may God continue to bless you, Nana

  3. congrats eva i am so happy 4 u


  4. what an amazing feeling you have have right now. :)


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