Friday, January 8, 2010

So excited about a new hobby!

I love to scrapbook. Love it. Shhh don't tell anyone but I am far behind on my scrapbooks. Mackenzie will be 3 in April and I have yet to finish her first year! Nursing school will do that to you! As soon as I am done with my state boards (now scheduled for February 3rd, 2010) I will pick that back up.

I came across a new hobby that involves canvas, paper, and modge podge. I have never used modge podge before so I was a bit intimidated. Here is why I am excited for this hobby, my walls in my house are BARE and WHITE, well except for the kitchen which is red. It was like that when we moved in and I love red. Apparently you can cover canvas with paper! I had no clue! I have been wanting to get canvas photo prints but they are too expensive. I tried to get a free one from The Canvas People that Jessica Turner mentioned on her blog. For some reason, their site would not accept my payment. Plenty of $$ in the account but it wouldn't go through. I tell you I tried a gazillion times. Double checked the card number and exp date every time. I just figured it was not meant to be.

I have done 3 canvases thus far. Two 6x6 and one 10x10. The first one turned out, eh. The second one I LOVE. The third is for Mackenzie's room and I love it too. Wish I would have embellished the purple with some sparkles though. Next one.

So basically what I learned was you wrap the canvas like a present pretty much. On the first one I put modge podge over the whole thing. With that comes lots of wrinkles which are hard to smooth out as the middle of the canvas is not a firm surface.

Here is the first one which I still need to coat with modge podge to seal it. That stuff is awesome. It does everything!

The second one, I put the modge podge just on the edges as I was going along and, no wrinkles! I love this one. I sealed this one with modge podge.

The third one, I attemped to do a larger one so I did modge podge the front of the canvas before applying the paper. Only because I knew other layers were going on it and would hide those. I found these Tinkerbell chipboard pieces at Ben Franklin and since we are doing a Tinkerbell theme for her room I thought they would be perfect. Yep, we are finally going to decorate her room. We never have but we did move so there was no point in doing it before. I plan to hang it with ribbon.

Now I could not find anything online on better ways to do this. Our local Ben Franklin has so many on display that look amazing. You can also cover them with wrapping paper! What a cool way to decorate your home! Canvases come in all different sizes which is awesome.

What I did find online is that you can cover them with fabric too! It looks so much easier and more elegant. I will be trying that next as I want 4 square canvases 10x10 each above my bed in coordating patterns. All you need for that is the canvas, fabric, and a staple gun! There is a lot online about covering in fabric but not paper.

I will let you know how the fabric ones turn out!


  1. I LOVE them! Especially the first one...really personal and designed really well. I like this hobby you have :) xo

  2. yay!!! love them all.. there is some modge podge glitter.. and/or shimmer.. would have been great on the tinkerbell one :) Check out this site for lots of different kinds of modge podge and more ideas... you can also google "modge podge canvas" and get some links to ideas and help on what you are doing.


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