Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Project Life Tuesday

At the last minute I have decided to jump on the train for the 2010 Project Life. I just tried to order the kit but it is unavailable due to the fact that " we are in the process of transferring our inventory to Amazon to continue sales & fulfillment there."

This is an awesome way to document your entire year! You take a picture every day and put it in the album that the kit comes with. It comes with EVERYTHING you need. No need to try and come up with a page layout for every day like you would if you were just doing a regular scrapbook. Though I do love to do that. this kit is perfect for those that don't scrapbook or think it's too time consuming or expensive. The total kit is $40. Like I said it comes with EVERYTHING! The album, paper, journal cards, storage components, a date stamper, and other things that I am sure I have left out. Check out the site here: www.beckyhiggins.com

I am participating in Jessica Turner's Project Life Tuesday postings. Click here to view her blog and the other blogs that are participating!

Here is what I have to start the project. The quality of these pictures is not the best as they were taken with my cell phone. Rest assured that the rest of my posts will include non-cell phone pictures!

Let's ring in the new year with some bubbly! Happy New Year! We made a toast to friends and family. Let's make 2010 a kickin year filled with new beginnings!

Playing dress up with the princess gowns she received for Christmas. The crown is from her first birthday. It's just now starting to fit!

Princesses dig in their toes too Mackenzie, it's ok.

I'm gonna get you mommy! She loves running around playing chase. This time she wanted to put on gloves and act like she was a monster.

Mackenzie is not feeling very good. A cough and a fever. Just wants to lay low and watch her favorite movies. These include Cars, The Wiggles, Tinkerbell, and Shrek.

Mommy can always make Kenzie feel a little better with some good snuggles and kisses.

2010 is starting out to be a great learning year for Kenzie. Look at her mad coloring skills. Not just lines anymore. She's getting down and dirty with her coloring.

I hope you will consider participating in Project Life. What a great way to document your year!


  1. It's is so awesome to see you blogging again! I've thought about doing an album like this, maybe next year. ha ha!Here I am again...tears in my eyes as I look at your beautiful daughter thinking of where my lil girl is going. Mackenzie is so beautiful! I love the pictures of her playing dress up!! Thanks so much for sharing your life!

  2. Visiting from Jessica's blog - great start to your Project Life kit!! I have not been able to order mine yet either, I was a late "project lifer" myself. I am all excited about it now and I am reading to order the KIT!!

  3. I'm doing project life!!! I love it and love your documentation :)

  4. Very cute pictures!! I decided to jump on the last minute also so cant wait to order a kit when they are available!

  5. what a wonderful way of doing it.. i will have to keep this in mind for next year.. this year I am just adding a photo a day to a 365 set on flickr I have. trying to do a little extra in the description on each photo.. so I can look back at the end of the year. Hoping mine will show a lot of improvement with my camera talent.


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