Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Krazy Kake!

So we tried this recipe called Krazy Kake that I found on the Amazing Moms website. It is supposed to be easy for kids to help make. Kenzie loved making it! There are no eggs in this cake. Here is the recipe. I will tell you that I was stupid and did not grease the pan. I ALWAYS grease the pan. I don't know if I didn't because it was stated in the directions or if I just had a brain fart. Needless to say, when the cake was "done" (you'll see why I used quotations momentarily) and I did the whole plate ontop of pan and flip thing, the WHOLE thing came apart and the inside was a gooey mess. Nice. Not only did I check the cake, (and the toothpick came out clean) it also cooked for 10 minutes longer than the directions. It still tastes good though!! Kenzie loved helping me. I measured and she poured. Please don't mind the mess in the background. We both have been a little under the weather. That said, we aren't sharing the cake!

The following "finished" picture is before I attempted to flip it on to the plate.

I don't think I will ever forget to grease a pan! If you have a toddler and they like to help you, try making this with them. It's easy and it tastes great! It doesn't need anything to top it. Though, I will be having my piece with a scoop of java chip frappaccino ice cream. :)

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  1. that looks so good... and she looks like she is having so much fun :) I just did a blog post today about a microwave mug cake I made last night... looks like it is a lot the same just the one I did was a LOT smaller.


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