Saturday, November 1, 2008

The updated picture

Here are two pictures, the first one she just wanted to sit on my lap and put stickers on herself. That is what we did for Halloween this year. Fun huh. The second one you can obviously tell that she in uncomfortable. You can see that the break out has spread to around her mouth. Her lips are now cracking and bleeding and the medicine is giving her diarrhea so we really have to make sure she gets enough fluids. She still doesn't want to eat or drink much but hopefully as the weekend goes on that will change.


  1. poor girl, give her a hug for me but no kisses I don't want a cold sore:)

  2. Eva, although it looks so painful, I have to assume that it's good that the sores are starting to crust over, right? That means they are well on their way to healing? I will pray that she gets enough fluids and rest. I am so sorry.


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