Friday, October 31, 2008


Well we went back to the doctor today as it is just ridiculous that we have not been called with test results. We saw a different provider who was on top of phoning the lab to figure out where the results were. As it turns out, Mackenzie does have herpes simplex 1. Apparently the first time a child has an occurrence of this it doesn't involve just a cold sore. It involves multiple on the lips, tongue, and roof of the mouth. She now has some blisters on her face, they are small but actually resemble a blister. I feel so bad for her. Last night she ended up eating about half of her cup of diced peaches. YAY! Today I got her some drinkable yogurt and mixed it with milk for her bottle. She drank it up! Finally a little nutrition! She was started on Acyclovir today so hopefully we are on the road to recovery. Although in order for acyclovir to be effective, it needs to be started within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms. We are onto day 4. But it should help with some of the pain. Thanks for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers. I'll post another picture tomorrow. Oh, I passed my exam today with an 84%. Better than I anticipated!


  1. Oh man poor Mac!! I am glad you got her to eat something today! GREAT job on your exam! I'll keep prayin!



  2. Great job on the exam girl!!! SOOO sorry to hear about your little one's mouth,...that would just break my heart too! ;( I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers and pray that it ends real soon! Take care and hope you all are doing well!!


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