Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holiday Traditions

My family never really had traditions that we followed for the holidays. I mean, yeah we would decorate the tree together or make a gingerbread house occasionally but we never had one thing we did EVERY year. I take that back, the gingerbread houses kind of became a tradition in my late teens. Now that I have a family of my own I want a tradition! I need your help in coming up with some ideas. The idea of our traditions hit me when I was looking at my friend Sarah's post on her blog titled Countdown With Style. This product got me thinking as I was trying to make one of these for my family. I had NO idea what to put in the boxes. Yeah, I came up with a couple like Elf night (our favorite holiday movie), actually I think that is the only one I could come up with. So, HELP ME!


  1. HI!
    I have struggled with this myself over the years, since we didn't have real "traditions" growing up but one thing we do with our kids is we have a day in December that we make a gingerbread house. We buy the kit and usually buy some extra candy for decorating. Our kids love it! Another tradition is the Saturday we go to a Christmas tree farm and cut our tree.
    I hope you get more ideas! :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. 1. making centerpiece for holiday table together
    2. cooking/baking holiday fare together
    3. read a holiday theme book throughout the month the holiday falls in.
    4. pop some popcorn and view a holiday theme movie
    5. see the nutcracker each year. it doesn't have to be the big production in Seattle. Many community theaters or schools put on the play
    6. cut out or draw a turkey on butcher paper and post on a door and each night attach a construction paper feather with what you are thankful for written on it
    7. go caroling door-to-door and entice your friends to come
    8. visit a nursing home and carol. I did this as a child with my blue bird troop.

  3. One more thing I wanted to tell you, this year we are starting a new tradition with our 5 year old daughter...we are wrapping (in Christmas wrap) 25 christmas story books,(the night before christmas, the nativity story, frosty, etc.)Starting on Dec. 1st we will unwrap one each night and read the story. Kind of like an Advent thing. Grace even helped me wrap these...well, we have a few more to wrap. She is super excited!
    P.S. you can get cheap Christmas books at the dollar store, or second hand stores.


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