Saturday, January 5, 2008

So blessed

What an amazing girl we have. Mackenzie got her last 6 month shot today (no more until 12 months, yahoo!) and only made a little peep. Hard to believe she's been such a happy girl since! She is so funny! I just can't believe that she is ours and I am amazed every night when I look at her sleeping so peacefully. There are nights where she wakes up more than I would like and I am so tired, but the moment I hold her in my arms and she snuggles up to me, my frustration immediately goes away. I can not imagine my life without this little girl. Every single moment is a blessing and I cherish every one of them. I don't want her to grow up! She is such a happy little girl and you can see her happiness in every one of her pictures. She smiles at everyone, and it's this cute little scrunched up nose smile so she can show off her teeth. She is so awesome.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL post! ya had tears welling up in my eyes. Oh hun I total feel your point of view with this post and feel the same way about our little princess.Being a mama to our girl is an awsome life change and I love her so much! Mackenzie you're such a joy!!


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