Tuesday, January 29, 2008

9 months down, 3 to go

I know I say this every time but man are the months going by fast! Mackenzie is getting over her ear infection and is sleeping much better. She did a few new things this week! She is saying "ah duh" (all done) when she is done eating or playing, and this morning she saw Matt's dad and got so excited and proceeded to say "Papa!" WHOA! She is waving now also. Mackenzie is starting to drink out of a sippy cup although she doesn't care for apple or pear juice. She is also eating cheerios and rice crackers all by herself, with supervision of course. She says "num num" when she wants a bite of our food too and she is enjoying pancakes! Not quite walking yet except with the help of our fingers or the furniture. Today we had a play date with my friend Genesee and her daughters Brooklyn and Faith. Faith is just a few days younger than Mackenzie. I took some cute pictures of Mackenzie and Faith playing together. We'll have her 9 month well baby visit in the next week or so and I'll post another update then. Thankfully she doesn't need any shots at that visit.

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  1. WOW she's doing all that at 9 months!! Everytime I read about something new Mackenzie is doing I get so EXCITED for you and because I know we will be going through that too! I can't believe how much she is talking at just 9 months. LOVE the pictures! Eva she's so beautiful! HUGZ to lil girl!




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