Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cause of the sleepless nights?

Well I decided to take Mac to the doctor today as she has been sick for the last few days coughing really hard. I did talk to a nurse at the pediatricians office yesterday who gave us some advice like warm watered down apple juice before bed rather than formula to help thin out the secretions, elevating the head of her crib. She also reassured me that the rattling that I can hear and feel when my hand is on her back is an upper airway illness so not as bad. She said to bring her in if she developed a fever for 3 days. Well after that phone call, Mac stopped wanting to eat. She would take a few bites of food and a few sips of juice or formula. She was up almost every hour last night just miserable. Then this morning her eyes were smothered in green goop. Still no fever though and she was still not eating during the day while with Grammy and Papa. So, I called the doctor who saw her just a couple of hours later. I mentioned that she has NOT been tugging at her ears but rather rubbing the side of her head above her right ear. As soon as the doctor looked she said it was most definitely an ear infection. MY POOR LITTLE GIRL!! No wonder she hasn't been sleeping well! Also, she has an eye infection. Man! She is on antibiotics now and will hopefully be better soon. Maybe we will all get some sleep in the next few nights. Here is the good news, she is up to 16lbs!!!! And, she likes to use the sippy cup now! Just over 3 months and our girl will be a year old! Yikes!!!!


  1. Poor little punkin'. Hope she gets some sleep tonight. I can't believe she's almost a year old! I gotta get out there to see her!

  2. Oh man poor lil girl! :-( I'll be praying she gets well quickly! Sendng lots of love and kisses!!

  3. Bless her heart! Lets get together and share stories. Email me. Lets pick a time. Miss you!


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