Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The house is too quiet. There are no giggles, babbles, or cries to be heard. Today is Mackenzie's first day at daycare and I am feeling a bit guilty for sending her there. I've been away from her before, but only for like 4 hours at the most. This is like 12 hours (an hour there and an hour back). She's only been gone for 25 minutes and I miss my little baby Mac already. Did I cry as I watched Matt drive off with her? Of course I did. I could have gone and dropped her off but like I said before, it takes an hour to get there. I probably wouldn't have let her go in! I am so excited for her to watch and interact with other babies but will the teachers take as good of care as I do? I know they are trained and certified and have lots of experience and I trust them, I really do! It's just hard letting go this early. It will be nice to have some "me" time before school starts in a couple weeks though. Here are some pictures of her before she left. I'll post an update to this entry tonight to let you know how she did.

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  1. Bless your heart! This is a struggle that we ALL face. I understand exactly how you feel. Rest assured, I was in daycare all the time when I was little, because my mom was in school. And hey, I turned out just fine. Well.... :-) And just think about that "HEY MOM!" smile you'll get everytime you two are reunited. No matter what, you will always be her favorite. You are such a good mom, Eva. See you soon!


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