Monday, September 10, 2007

4 month check up

Weight: 12lbs 4 oz- 20th percentile
Height: 23 3/4 inches- 75th percentile

So Mackenzie is a little under weight, just a little. Dr. Muller isn't tooooo concerned about it but she would like us to increase her formula intake to about 8 oz, if Mac will drink it all. It's not that we aren't giving her enough, Mac is a very active baby. When we make her a 5oz bottle, she does NOT drink it all. Dr. Muller would like her to have a little bit more fat on her for the winter. She would also like us to increase her rice cereal intake to 3 times a day rather than just once. Other than her weight, our little girl is doing fabulous. Another round of immunizations has been started also. Again, Mackenzie was a trooper with her DTaP vaccine today. We'll see how much Mac can put down in a feeding!

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  1. oh man. I'm afraid my girl is going to eat your girl for lunch. Olivia has some extra chub she'd LOVE to loan Mac. See you soon.


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