Wednesday, September 5, 2007

And we're on to day 2!

Matt and Mackenzie got home at 7pm last night. Dinner was on the table and we sat down at the table for our first family dinner with Mac in her highchair. On the menu, spaghetti for us and rice cereal for Mac. Usually Matt and I eat in front of the t.v which is not something we want to teach Mac to do. So, family dinners at the table from now on. She enjoyed daycare from what Matt said. Apparently she got a little fussy in the afternoon but the teacher said that is normal, especially for the first day. I got smiles when she got home and I missed her so much. But by 8pm she was tired and cranky. I felt bad as I didn't get to see her all day and now that she's home she wants to go to bed. I'm sure she just has to get used to this new schedule. Usually she isn't ready for bed until 9:30 or 10 but I think the new environment tired her out. I got extra cuddles this morning during her nighttime feeding (2am) and then again before she left this morning. It's still weird not having her around during the day. I know once school starts I won't have time to think about that. Matt enjoys the company in the car during the drive to and from.

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  1. You will do just great. the first couple weeks will be kind of etchy, leaving your baby, but we all have to do this in order to get through life. Things cost so much, it takes both parents to provide a decent living and home and be able to do things together, otherwise, we would not be able to do this. Just use your time wisely while raising Mackenzie, give her all the love you both have and bring her up in a good christian home. That is important. I love you 3 very much. Enejoy each other, help each other and the way will be much easier. Just share everything together as a family and God will take care of the rest. Remember, he is there for you, he loves you and we all need him. Love to you. Aunt Lois


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