Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A once in a lifetime opportunity

I got a phone call from my friend Sarah yesterday. She asked if I had gotten her email, which I hadn't, yet. The email said she had good news and I had to call her asap. She assured me she wasn't pregnant and she assured me that her house hadn't sold. What on earth could she be talking about? She asked me if I was busy today at noon, I wasn't. The next question was if I had childcare, I didn't but I was thinking I could. Matt's parents are out on their boat for 6 weeks. What I was told was, Selah is going to be at Spirit 1053 and ANGIE SMITH is going to be there too. I WAS INVITED TO GO TOO!

I have to thank my dear friend Katrina for offering to watch Mackenzie so I could go today. You are an amazing friend. I would be lost without you!!

Now here is a little history. Sarah introduced me to blogging. Shortly after I started blogging, I came across Angie's blog, Bring The Rain (thank you Sarah!). I was hooked on her blog. I cried every time I read her blog. Seriously. Matt would come into the room, see that I was crying, and he would ask "are you reading that sad story again?" Yep, that hooked. Angie is an amazing writer. I have shared her and Todd's story before about their precious baby girl Audrey Caroline.

People, I GOT TO MEET ANGIE TODAY! She is just as sweet in person as she is in the blogging world.

On a deeper note, Selah is amazing as well! Hearing them sing today really put life in perspective for me. I've been longing to find a church for a very LONG time. I keep saying "Ok God, next Sunday I will go to church." I still have yet to go. Today, that is changing. It's a bit tough since Matt doesn't want to go. When I was a kid, I always saw myself having a family that went to church together. Well that is not the way it ended up. I don't know what God has in store in that department. But, it is up to me to start the trend. I have felt this longing, this tugging for way too long now. It's time to answer the call. Thank you to Sarah, Selah, and Angie for making the ringtone louder.


  1. OMGosh Eva what an amazing opportunity! I too have followed Angie's blog for sometime now and she is AMAZING! This is a wonderful family! I will be praying for you as you return to church! We have not yet found a church here yet and I miss church so much! We've gotta get on it too! Thank-you so much for sharing!!


    P.S. How did you come to know Sarah? She seems so sweet! I use to love listening to her on the radio!

  2. Isn't it sweet how the Lord can use the blog community to draw His people together...and then draw them to Him! Awesome!! :)

  3. I am honestly very jealous! Cute pictures! x


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