Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Hiker!

Mackenzie had the pleasure of going on her first hike with her daddy, Uncle Jason, and his girlfriend, Inga. (We hope to one day call her Auntie Inga!) I was not able to go with as I had already committed myself to being present at a dear friends baby shower. So, off they went to Wallace Falls. Matt borrowed our friend's backpack child carrier and Mackenzie could not get enough of that thing. She loved being in it. Matt said Mackenzie did really well on the hike. Here are some pictures!

Kenz, Uncle Jason, & Inga

Kenz & Daddy

Now, back to Inga. She is the sweetest chick! She brought Mackenzie a super cute stuffed monkey on Easter. Anyway, Mackenzie was being really shy toward Inga even before Easter. We all know Mackenzie is shy toward everyone though! After Jason and Inga left, I asked Mackenzie what the monkey's name was going to be. She proceeded to say "Inga Monkey." She has called the monkey by this name ever since. Now is that the cutest side story ever??? Here is our monkey with Inga monkey. I should add, Inga didn't know we had a monkey theme in Mackenzie's room. How cool is that! So Inga if you read this, know that we love you!!!


  1. Awe first of all that monkey is so darn CUTE! Inga did GREAT! LeAnne loves monkeys! My mom got some flannel monkey fabric today to make LeAnne some cozy winter PJ's. LeAnne carried all over the store saying "awwww and cuddling with the fabric.

    That looks like an awesome hike!!

  2. What a cute monkey! Mackenzie is beyond cute too :-)


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