Saturday, April 5, 2008

The final month of the first year!

Gosh, it's almost here! The first birthday. Our little girl has become quite the little lady. What is new for her? Hmmmm well she was walking on her own for 2 days and now she has taken a step backwards but refuses to crawl. She only wants to walk and hold your hand. She had a double ear infection so maybe that is part of it. I came around the corner in the grocery store and ended up behind Matt and her walking down the isle of the store. Do you know where my mind went?? It flashed forward about 20 years from now when she could very well be getting walked down that isle! My heart sank. I want her to stay a baby! I don't think I could ever let her go. I refuse to and now I have made up my mind! :) A couple of other things she is doing is saying "hi" to everyone, she points and asks "what's that" in her own little way, and also tried to put her socks on her feet. She is learning how to feed herself with a fork as well. Right now we put it on her little fork and hand it to her, then she knows what to do. Here are a few pictures! Enjoy!


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  2. WOW Eva Mackenzie is so BEAUTIFUL! She is so precious!! I can't believe she will be a year old SOON. I have LOVED watching her change this year! You're insight about her walking down the isle made me tear up. I am with ya hun I can't imagine her growin up and leavin us.


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