Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Highlights

The years seem to fly by these days. Maybe it's because we seem to stay so busy and there is no doubt that 2010 was a busy year for us! So far it's been the funnest year with Mackenzie. I thought it would be fun to share our some highlights from this last year.

January: We purchased a membership to the Children's Museum. It has been the one thing that Mackenzie and I can go do on a whim. She loves it there. Each time she finds something different to do. It's great for toddlers! If you have one near you I highly recommend trying it out.

February: this was a HUGE month. I took and passed my nursing boards. Wow, it's been almost a year!
March: Mackenzie was really getting into the Princess thing. She was starting to want to play dress up a lot.

April: Mackenzie turned 3 and received her first bike! That was the BEST birthday ever!

May: Pony rides are always a highlight. She loves them. I think this little girl might end up with a horse some day.

June: First baseball game. She loved it. Can't wait for summer again! This month has two pictures because we also made new friends! Lauren was Mackenzie's first preschool teacher when we changed daycares. We've become great friends and love getting together.

July: Daddy taught Mackenzie how to have a marshmallow fight with a marshmallow gun. We were invited to Lauren's parents house for the 4th of July (why Mackenzie has noise blockers on).

August: We spent August with friends! We have become social butterflies! Every moment with our friends are cherished. This is me with my bff Katrina.

September: Mackenzie got to spend some time with Uncle Jason and I finally got a great picture of them together.

October: It's when it really starts to feel like fall which means one thing to me, PUMPKIN PATCH!

November: We went for a few very nice walks! It was so much fun watching these girls play in the leaves. Mackenzie made a new friend, Hailey, as did I with her mommy. We can't wait for the girls to play together again! In this picture is Mackenzie, Ella and Hailey.

December: A great end to a fantastic year! December is all about Christmas to us. My last blog post you saw how awesome Christmas can be with a 3 year old. Matt and Mackenzie decorated the tree this year and I think it turned out great!

Here is to a wonderful and blessed 2011. I wonder what it will bring...

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