Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Fun!

I have to say, Easter with an about to be 3 year old is so much fun! We let Mackenzie color eggs for the first time and she did awesome. Never spilled any of the dye. It was almost as if she knew exactly what to do.  She loved the project and was so excited to see the eggs come out a new color.

ALL 3 OF US WENT TO CHURCH Easter Sunday. If you've been following my blog you know that this is a first for us to go as a family and that it's a big deal. Matt decided to go with us and I was so full of joy. It was nice to have the three of us together there. Mackenzie's dress came with a smaller version for her babydoll.  So cute.

We had Matt's family over for dinner along with some good friends of ours. Our friends have two little boys K (2), and N (1). Mackenzie and K love to play together and have so much fun. K goes to the school that Mackenzie recently started attending. They are in the same class together too. We let them find Easter eggs outside, the weather was beautiful. A little chilly but the sun was shining! It was so much fun watching K and Mackenzie run and find eggs. They had a blast.

We finished out the day by playing Rockband. The kids loves "playing" along with their own little instruments. Matt's mom even got in on the action! She played guitar, drums, and even sang. It was a blast! I got some great videos!


  1. I'm jumping for joy for your beautiful family! That's awesome the whole family went to Easter services! :-) Mackenzie's dress is gorgeous and I love that it came with a mini dress for her doll. Where did you get it? I love the close up picture of Mackenzie coloring Easter eggs, she has the most adorable little button nose. And Matt's mom playing Rock band priceless! Sounds like you had an amazing celebration! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I loved watching Mackenzie color those eggs! I haven't tried doing these things with my nieces and hopefully by next year I would try to do the same thing as you did.


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