Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How long has it been?

Man, I haven't updated this thing in months!!! Oh where to begin?

Did you know we moved? We love our new house. Although, it's a pain in the butt to clean. I don't like the carpet, it shows too much dirt. Matt is finishing up putting a sprinkler system in and the neighbors are jealous! Here is our new house. In case you were wondering if we kept streamer up all the time, the pictures were taken the day of Mackenzie's birthday party.

Front entry that leads into the either the living room (go right as you walk in) or kitchen area.

The kitchen with a door to the covered porch. Separate dining area can be seen here too.

Separate dining room that has two entry ways. One from the kitchen and one from the living room.

Living room that looks very bare. I think it needs some color. The stairwell overlooks the living room.

A view of the stairwell and upstairs. The doors to the master bedroom are on the right looking up.

In other news:

Mackenzie is a 2 year old now, oh wait I did blog about that already. She's getting so big and I still can't believe how fast time goes. She talks so much, pretty much full sentences. Today she told me these exact words "mom I'm going downstairs, k." That's right, she calls me "mom" now. Not sure where that came from.

I don't remember if I told you that she is in a big girl bed now. If there is one piece of advice that I could give any parent with a new baby it would be the following: DON'T TRANSITION THEM INTO A BIG GIRL/BOY BED UNTIL THEY CAN PUT THEMSELVES TO SLEEP. That is the mistake we made. Because I felt guilty spending so much time away from her while in nursing school (next subject up) I felt the need and wanted to rock her to sleep. That was my time with her. I meant the world to me and I know it did to her. Well now, she can't just lay down and fall asleep. ARGGGG. We are having major sleep issues with this now. She doesn't want me to rock her anymore and she wants to lay in her bed. But she WON'T lay there and go to sleep. She thinks it's time to play. I am at a loss here and I have no idea what to do. Now I'm using the threat of "if you don't want to be rocked in the chair then you have to lay still and close your eyes" and I have to stay in the room. I am kicking myself in the rear. OOPS.

Mackenzie also is riding her tricycle around and can almost start it out by herself. She can keep it going if I give her a push on it. She is doing somersalts all by herself, she does them so well.

On to nursing school. ONE MORE QUARTER AND I WILL BE AN RN! That's right! I made it through 5th quarter folks. It was a tough one but I did it. My instructors this quarter were fabulous and very supportive. I put in my very first IV while doing a rotation in the ER. I have the summer off and will go back in the fall for the last of it. I can't wait.

That is about it for now. I wanted to put more pictures in this post but blogger cut me off and only let me put the ones above. I will post again with more pictures so you can see the backyard and some other nonsense. Until then...


  1. How about more BD pictures? what about if you laid on the bed with her and talked or prayed with her until she went to sleep? Is this a new house?


  2. I LOVE your new house - it looks so nice and some of the colours of the walls make it look really homely :) xxx

  3. Great update Eva! I LOVE your house! It's beautiful! WOW I can't believe Mackenzie is speaking in full sentences, and riding her trike by herself! OMGosh where does the time go! I wish I knew what to tell ya about the sleeping situation but as ya know were in similar boats. I don't think I am going to switch LeAnne to toddler bed for a while though but I too must figure out how to help her just lay down and go to sleep. I can't wait until LeAnne talks more. Way to go on Nursing school! YOU ROCK! I really admire you! You're almost done!

  4. Wow, you are so close to graduating! Keep working hard...I'm cheering you on!


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