Friday, February 6, 2009

Bath time struggles

Is it just my kid that gets so excited to take a bath until we actually put her in the tub? Is it just my kid that kicks and screams when it comes time for hair washing? It is like full on fright fest! It's absolutely crazy. I need some tips people! I have a shampoo cup that forms to the forehead but she won't even let me use it. I've tried a squirt bottle. I'M AT A LOSS!!! I want bath time to be fun and enjoyable for Mackenzie.

On a side note, I have not forgotten to put on pictures. They are STILL on my camera and things are STILL busy. I promise I WILL put them on soon!!!! For now, I AM BEGGING for bath time tips!


  1. I don't know if this would be worse, but my kids love showers. Also, have you tried fun exciting toys, squirters, bath crayons, paints, etc? What about a watering can to wash off the soap? Not much help, sorry! Hope you figure out something!

  2. some of my kids went through stages, when they were little, of making bathtime difficult... once I had figured out there was not fear involved..I just sat down the game plan and that was that... mine wanted to play in the tub but not to be washed in the tub... so we washed first.. if they were good and helpful then they got lots of play time if they want to make it difficult then we washed and got out.. it seemed to work for them. Heart to heart talks with younger kids seem to work.. and letting them make the choice.. they can just have the quick struggle icky get clean bath.. or lets have fun and then play bath. That is just what worked for mine.


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