Saturday, September 13, 2008

Very first hair cut

Yep, finally did it. Honestly, I have been scared to take Mackenzie in to get her hair cut. Just wasn't sure how she would react.
Mackenzie did really great during the process though. She freaked out at first but Susan was really great and patient as Mackenzie got used to her pony chair.
Really you don't notice much of a difference though. She has some "swoop" bangs now and layers were added. See, the top part of her hair is straight, the bottom is curly so we layered it to show more curl. It's kind of like an inverted "bob" cut. Susan gave us the first lock of hair that she cut as a keepsake with a little certificate. Soooo cute.


  1. How adorable! Way to go Mackenzie! I need to make LeAnne an apt to get her hair cut before her birthday. This will be her 4th hair cut. LOL!! She does very well, although last time was interesting. GREAT pictures!!



  2. Ella wants a pony chair! What a stylish little do!


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