Monday, August 25, 2008

Upcoming surgery and other news...

Mackenzie will be having ear tubes placed on September 2nd. We are really hoping that this cuts down on the amount of ear infections that she has been having. Matt and I are just tired of always having to give her antibiotics and don't want to chance Mackenzie losing her hearing.

This weekend we are taking Mackenzie out to the San Juan Islands for her first weekend boating trip. We will have our friends Josh and Melissa with us as well. I hope they can keep their sanity while trying to get Mackenzie to sleep in a new confined area. I'm sure Mackenzie will do just fine. It will be a new experience for us but I know it will be fun!! Maybe we'll see some whales!

I think potty training is just around the corner!!! The last few weeks when we know that she has gone "poo poo" in her diaper we will ask her "did you go poo poo?" and she'll nod her head yes. If she didn't she will nod her head no. And she is right on the money and knows if she did or not. Make sense? Well this morning she and I were sitting down eating some cereal at her little table. She got up and came over to me, pulled at the front of her diaper and said "poo poo." I asked if she needed a diaper change and she actually said "yeah." Can you believe that? So into her room we go and sure enough, she was poopy! She is growing up too fast! Mackenzie is also getting better at using utensils while eating. She still makes a big mess but she's getting the hang of it!

So, if anyone reading this has any tips on getting started with potty training or want to share your experiences please send me a message!! Either comment or send me an email. Here are a couple of pictures for your enjoyment!

Mackenzie LOVES blueberries & peaches

Her first "look." She must get that from me. :)


  1. Ella had tubes in on August 4th and she hasn't had an ear infection since and she has a cold right now. This is seriously a record. She was pretty much back to normal later in the same day. No need for tylenol or anything. It was definitely worth it.

    As far as potty training goes, I would say don't push the issue. Get a potty chair and put her on it before she gets in the bath, etc so she's used to it. Then when she's a little older and you're really ready to go for it it won't all be brand new. The absolute best potty chair I found is the BabyBjorn potty chair. It's easy to empty, clean and their legs don't get pinched in it.
    Plus it comes in lots of cool colors. I had to order mine online because I couldn't find them around here anywhere.

    See you in a few weeks.

  2. Mackenzie has been in my prayers! How did the surgery go? How is she doing today? I can't believe she's even close to potty training. WOW where does the time FLY! Your lil girl is so cute! HUGZ!


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