Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bath time, drawer time, and daddy kisses

Mackenzie loves taking baths in the big tub like a big girl.

Her new favorite spot, the drawer beneath the stove. She takes everything out and climbs in.

Happy Daddy's Day! Mackenzie loves her daddy.


  1. OMGosh Eva I've said it many times, I'll say it again and I am sure I'll say it many times more -- Mackenzie is ADORABLE! It's the moments like these that make every single one of those frusterating moments worth it, eh! Love ya girl!


  2. You know what's funny?? Damien loves that drawer too! Eva - she is so beautiful... I love her smile.. she just lights up your soul! I love you guys! Please give her kisses for me!

  3. Okay, these brought tears to my eyes. How cute. She is growing up so fast, and these are some of my favorite times in a child's life. It makes me want to hug my girls, and not let them grow any bigger! Some day, you'll look at the oven drawer and say, "She fit in there?"
    I love you all,


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