Friday, May 16, 2008


...Mackenzie got to meet her Grandpa!! My dad's trucking company sent him on a delivery out here from the East Coast. We met up with him on Thursday in North Bend. We haven't seen my parents in 4 years! Can you believe that? I miss them so much! Mom wasn't on the truck with dad this time though so that was a bummer. It was so great to see him. Mackenzie did great meeting him. She pretty much just acted like she kinda knew him but hadn't seen him in a long time. She was reluctant to let him hold her but she sure did smile a lot and let him feed her pears. We only got to see him for a few hours but I'd give anything for 5 minutes with him. He is such a great man, and he has the kindest heart. Now, we just need to get my mom out here! We were going to fly out to Virginia this summer but since Mackenzie is having so much trouble with constant ear infections, we decided that we didn't want to make her even more uncomfortable with the cabin pressure. I'm trying to talk mom into flying out here though. Here are the pictures from their meeting!

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  1. YEAH! GREAT pictures! I am so happy you got to see your dad and Mackenzie met her grandpa! I'll be praying you get to see your mom soon and Mackenzie can meet her grandma. :-) HUGZ!


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