Monday, May 14, 2007

First Mother's Day!

Oh I can't believe my baby is 2 weeks old already! Where has the time gone?? Mackenzie is doing amazing. Holding her head up and getting very strong. She sure does love her daddy too. We had her 14day check up today and she is now 7lbs 8oz and get this... 21 inches! What a growing girl we have. She is eating well and has even started bottle feeding so grandma and grandpa can watch her every now and then. Or if daddy needs to get up with her at night. But, she is still latching on to me too which is fantastic. She sucks down those bottles though!

Mother's Day was so nice. Matt got up and took over holding her so I could sleep a couple more hours. He then made fabulous pancakes for us and even some espresso. It was a great day. We also had dinner with his parents and some of their friends. The best part was we got our first family photo taken of the 3 of us. She's 2 weeks and we hadn't taken one! Motherhood is the greatest gift of all and for me to be able to experience it is such a blessing. I just love Mackenzie so much.

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  1. You all look wonderful!! Congratulations on your beautiful bundle of joy. Sounds and looks like you're enjoying being a mom -- it's just awesome. Cherish every minute, it goes by so fast. I've enjoyed your blog, thanks for sharing.


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