Thursday, April 26, 2007

5 days passed due date and very frustrated

Yesterday we were in the birth center for a while being monitored. I was about 2.5 almost 3cm and after 2 hours there was no change so home we went. Contractions were about every 6 or 7 min and manageable. So today after quite a few hours of very intense contractions every 5 min along with major back pain we went to the birth center yet again. I was about 3.5cm when we got there so they monitored for about an hour and a half and then was checked again. No change so I got to go home empty handed again! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so flippin frustrating and I just wanted to cry when we left there. Is she ever going to come out? Why can't they just give me something to get things going more? It's so dumb, I feel dumb.

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