Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Project 365 Tornado

Now that I am done with my board exam it is time to play catch up on project 365.  Here are THREE weeks worth of pictures!  Don't get overwhelmed by them!

Week 3!  Jan 19th-25th:

We have been having so much fun at the Children's Museum that we decided to get a membership!

I woke up to the most beautiful sunrise on Wednesday.  Reminded me to reflect on God's glory and love.


Mackenzie loves to help me in the kitchen.  We made buckeye bars!  I found the recipe on Becky Higgin's blog! 


I have one stylin' little girl.  This was right before her and her daddy left for the day. 


Mackenzie likes to play with my bra, not sure why but this picture was too funny not to include in the weekly pictures!


Goofing around on Sunday after church.  She was dancing around the house and loved shaking her hips.


We went to the park for a while on Monday.  She loves walking on the sand and watching the ducks swim around.


Week 4!  Jan 26th-31st

Tuesday:  Another fun day to play!  I love the Mackenzie is starting to really like having her picture taken.  Here she is sporting a fun hair pretty from Bee Bops & Lollipops.  They have the BEST hair pretties!


Wednesday:  I mentioned we are getting really into the hair pretties right?  This is just how "into" we really are.  Mackenzie had to have all of these in her hair for school.  I made sure that Matt knew to take a few out before taking her inside!  On a side note:  that is my spice cabinet where Mackenzie has smashed the cinnamon sticks.

Thursday:  A day spent studying.  The joy of it all. But I had the necessities at my side!


Friday:  I told you this kid love the Children's Museum right?  Well this statue is right outside of it and Mackenzie HAS to sit on it every time.


Saturday:  A rather fun day with playdough.  We learned that you can stamp images on it!  Fun!


Sunday:  Playing on our bed.  You can see Matt "trying" to nap in the background.  Do you think Mackenzie let him?  Nope!  Notice the ribbon in Mackenzie's hair?  I love that ribbon.  It's recycled from Bee Bops & Lollipops bags!

**I am missing a picture from Feb 1st.  Hmmm**

Week 5!  Feb 2nd-Feb 8th.

Tuesday: Today is the day before my BIG exam.  I decided to make a day to relax and not stress out.  I know what I know and am not going to learn anything new.  I went and got a pedicure and then I discovered the BEST doughnut shop around.  Frost.  THE BEST EVER.  If you live in the in the Snohomish County area, you have to check them out.  Seriously, they are to die for.

Wednesday: If you are friends with me on facebook or follow me on twitter, you have probably seen me rant on my power struggles with Mackenzie.  I bought this book in hopes that it will help me to remain calm when things don't go my way or as planned.  So far, so good.  And today was the big test day, I couldn't take camera or my phone in the testing center.  Darn.

Thursday: It takes at least 48 hours to get the results of the exam.  I had to keep busy.  Thursday we had our good friends The Tollefson's over for dinner.  After dinner, the men went out and the girls stayed behind and played with playdough and ran around being silly!


Friday: I got my results this morning.  I know I have already posted this picture in a previous post but it has to be included in Project 365.  I passed my board exam!


Saturday: Mackenzie helping me make pancakes!  She loves to pour and stir.  I tried adding almond extract and cinnamon to the mix.  I loved the almond flavor!


Sunday: We had the pleasure of having Mimi and Papa stay with us Saturday night.  Mimi went to church with Mackenzie and I.  It was so nice to have her go with us.  I didn't get to stay with her in the service because Mackenzie decided to be a handful.  She is quite attached to Matt and I lately, not wanting to go into childcare.  We will get passed this!  My plan is to just keep exposing her to the environment and letting her know that she is in a safe place and I will be back to get her. 


Monday: Mackenzie has quite the imagination.  She decided to draw on her baby with chalk to make her dirty so that she could give her a bath.  Hmmm.


And there you have it.  Three weeks worth of Project 365 pictures.  You will notice that only the first week has the day of the week on the pictures.  I was putting the day on there as I went and then  because blogger was being  a pain in my behind, I gave up.  Now I can catch up on my housework!


  1. great photos :) I laughed so hard when I got the photo of the bra... my daughter used to do that.. and... shhh they will not be happy if I share this.. but my boys did too... they were all about the same age... I think all kids may do that... or else all of mine are just really weird :)

  2. Hey - love all your pics, good job catching up!! What font do you use on your pics - I really like that one, is it a photoshop font?

  3. Thank for sharing your pictures and Mckenzie is adorable!


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