Monday, August 3, 2009

Hair pretties galore

This shop is a MUST see. It's in downtown Snohomish and owned by a very sweet, spunky gal, Angela. It's called Bee Bops & Lollipops It is the cutest little shop I have EVER seen. They have hair pretties, tutus, clothes for your little ones, shoes, and even a kids hair salon. And not to mention that the inside of the shop is decorated so well. I went with my friend Sarah and her daughter, Olivia. Matt went with us too and he was so sweet. He just chilled on the play area with the kiddos. That's right, they have a kid play area so you can shop! It's fabulous. I got Mackenzie some hair pretties and we are so excited to wear them. The clothes in BB&L are absolutely adorable. Check out their website, or better yet, if you live near by, go in and check it out for yourself. I wanted to buy everything in there. They have things not only for your little princess but, for your little rockstar too. If you are expecting, they have maternity clothes. Man, to be pregnant again just for the hip clothes in there! The bottom line, YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS STORE OUT. I am so glad I only live a few minutes away!


  1. Cute cute cute! It's a little pricey but you could build some adorable outfits with their items. Oh, to have a little one to dress :-)

  2. Awww man I wish I didn't live an Ocean apart! x


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